Last Updated: January 5th, 2007

Acceptance of Terms

By using this website you affirm that you are over the age of eighteen (18) AND are legally allowed to view sexually explicit pornographic materials in your jurisdiction. You agree you have reviewed and agree with all terms set forth. Members of agree to abide by this acceptable use policy and any additional terms that apply to Members only.


The customer is responsible for all use of their account and confidentiality of their password, including choosing secure passwords. may suspend or terminate your account if your password or login is deemed insecure or compromised. If you cannot login, email customer support:


The subscription you purchase is intended solely for your personal use, and may be viewed on one computer only at any given time. All media files, such as images or video files, must be removed from the previous computer used to view this website before it is viewed from another computer. Additionally, when your membership term expires you must remove any and all files downloaded from, including any backup. You may not redistribute any media you access on this website in whole or in part.

Supported Platforms

Membership purchases and use of this website is intended only for computers running Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Mac OS X Tiger (10.4). You must have a functional install of QuickTime 7 or Adobe Flash 9. Features, services and video available from this website may not work correctly with any other platform and other platforms are entirely unsupported. For example, some unsupported platforms are: Windows 98, Windows NT, Macintosh OS 9, Linux, Unix, WebTV, and Solaris systems but this is by no means an exaustive list.

Availability will do its best to have 100% availability online., however, makes no claim as to network availability and is not responsible for network outages either the fault of or any other party.   

Non-Transferability of Account

Memberships to this website are non-transferable. logins are expressly limited to the specific customer who bought access and are tied to that user.  

Unacceptable Conduct

The following use of is unacceptable and violates the terms of this agreement:

  1. Attempts, whether successful or not, to gain access to any other system or users' private data with or without express consent of the user.

  2. Attempts to interfere with the regular workings of's systems, such as Denial of Service Attacks, or network connections or which adversely affect the ability of other people to use's services.  

  3. Any unauthorized attempts by a user to gain access to any account, video, or password-protected area not belonging to that user.

  4. Attempts, to simultaneously access from two or more computers as determined by its internet address.

  5. Illegal file copying, sharing, trading, or other activities that violate copyrights held by, Burning Bush Media LLC or any other provider.  

  6. Any attempt, successful or not, to reverse-engineer, re-encode, crop, or alter video files or any part of an video file downloaded from

  7. Any attempt, successful or not, to crop, or alter image files or any part of an image file downloaded from

  8. Use of this website for non-personal use including professional interests for a government or law enforcement agency, media concern, or another online adult website.

  9. Allowing minors to view this website, any part thereof, or any file retrieved from

  10. Attempts to resell, or sublet access to, or any image or video file obtained from

  11. Any activity, which violates any local, state, U.S., or international law or regulation.

Cancelation reserves the right to cancel any membership account for any actual or perceived violation of this acceptable use policy. implements, and reserves the right to implement, software mechanisms to enforce the terms of this agreement. is not obligated to notify the customer of cancelation or reason of cancelation in the event of a violation.

Modifications reserves the right to change this policy, posted online, in any way and at any time. It is the customer's responsibility to regularly review this document for changes. Use of after any change in this policy has been posted shall constitute your agreement and acceptance of the terms of this policy.