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Who You Will Find Inside

At BoyCrush our models are fresh young men who have just barely turned 18. They exude their natural personality, and each person brings his unique talents to each video we produce.

Jacob and Corey

Corey Thinking

What You Will Find Inside

Our videos are produced in the professional-amateur style. That may sound a bit odd, but let me explain. Our videos are filmed using professional equipment, but with amateur boys. Our young men models are rarely experienced in filming before they come to our website. However, our equipment delivers the highest quality you've ever seen in an amateur production.

We specialize in delivering videos which show true passion and we strive for realism. Our videos lack any music, and our boys fuck fluidly without stopping for special camera shots.

“I came to BoyCrush because of the fun, exciting, and relaxed atmosphere, and I stayed for the exact same reasons.”

~Alex Toole, BoyCrush Model

What Sets BoyCrush Apart

Simple, our philosophy. When Bryan opened the company in 2005 he set out to create a company that highlights respect, quality, and professionalism. Those three words are rarely associated with the adult industry and he wanted to change that! Why not create the hottest videos, while treating the boys like real people and listening to our own customers?

The idea was simple, but it quickly flew in the face of every preconceived notion about an online twink video website! We help our boys and treat them with the respect they deserve. They are comfortable, and it comes across in the videos you see!

Our members also enjoy interacting with each other inside our members area. Our online forum allows everyone to exchange ideas, talk with Bryan (the director), and interact with the models or website staff!

Summary Of Features

Video Formats

Our videos come in three flavors:

  • Medium Size Download
  • Large Size Download
  • Medium Size Streaming

The downloadable videos are delivered in industry standard H.264 video, and the streaming is delivered in a standard flash-based player.


Unless clearly marked otherwise, all of our models are Americans and are gay between the ages of 18 and 24.

We shoot all of our content in-house and do not resell or purchase content from third parties. Our videos and most models are unique to BoyCrush.


We love to hear feedback from our members, and encourage discussion in our built-in duscussion board.

We offer email-based technical support with a reply window of 12 to 48 hours. Our support department is open on weekdays, excluding US National Holidays.

Meet The Owner

My name is Bryan and as you might have guessed by now I'm the fellow to the right holding my beloved pet, Twinkie. What you might not know is that I am the owner, or as some have referred to me in the past, "the mastermind" behind

My first gay experience took place while I was in high school with one of my best friends. I was 19 at the time and remember that moment quite well. My first gay sexual experience could be described as somewhat horrible; I hated every last moment of it. It made me think I was straight, not gay, and at that moment I thought I would never again be sexually involved with another guy. It turns out that my best friend just wasn't my type.

It wasn't until many years later that I met an eighteen year old boy that changed my life. He was 5'10, weighed about 135lbs and had natural (almost white) blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. He was possibly the cutest twink I've ever laid my eyes on, and he showed me that I could fall in love. He swept me off my feet and was the reason I came out to my friends and family four years ago. At 27 I still cherish those moments I spent with him and have no regrets whatsoever for everything that ensued.

At 27 I have been in the adult industry for nearly 7 years, and have been an entrepreneur since the beginning of my days. I take pleasure in speculating new business projects and successfully following through with them. After trying several business ventures in unrelated industries (none of which were very fulfilling to both myself and my wallet) I decided to try out the adult entertainment scene. I started several ventures in this industry but was still not satisfied with my products, until I realized that all of them had one major problem; they all lacked my taste in men, TWINKS. The day I decided to start filming twinks marks the day BoyCrush (as you know it today) was born.

Since the creation of BoyCrush, I have met a lot of people in the same business as myself. These are my friends in the industry that have

“Our models at BoyCrush enjoy what they do. That's one thing money can't buy.”
Picture of Bryan holding his dog twinkie

Bryan, Owner / CEO

slowly, but reassuringly nudged me to pursue my goals. Through BoyCrush, I have managed to capture my passion and love for young men on film in genuine lustful moments of love. With every scene I have continuously tried to re-enact that particular moment in my life where I shared myself with that boy that changed my life. Each model is hand picked not only based on looks, but also on personality and charm, and although they are not well known, our models at BoyCrush enjoy what they do. That's one thing money can't buy, and its also what separates us from everybody else. We hang out with our

models regularly and have established friendships that extend far beyond the studio.

I have worked hard to produce these videos, and have enjoyed every moment in producing them. I sincerely hope you enjoy them more than I did making them and rest assured that we will continue to provide you with equal or better quality videos for as long as BoyCrush lives.


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