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Robbie Anthony
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About Robbie Anthony
If we had a million twinks just like Robbie Anthony, we still wouldn't have enough! Lean and youthful, clever and absolutely boyish, Robbie is basically perfect. He got into porn for the sake of doing something crazy with his youth and we can't wait to throw a few boys at him!
Robbie Anthony Scenes

Raw Twinks Andrew Austen & Robbie Anthony

It's prom time, and you know what that means for horny lovers! It's time to get some cock, and Andrew Austen is just as eager as his boyfriend Robbie Anthony to get those dicks out and share a bareback fuck. Breaking away from the party the boys find some privacy and are soon sucking those dicks between them, ending up with some hot hole taking some thick cock and riding it to an explosive climax for both!

"I wanna do something crazy."

Robbie Anthony is the perfect twink: boyish, clever and armed with an infectious smile. Luckily for us, this twenty-one year old is a Phoenix local! Robbie is a student at ASU and believes his college years are the time to do something crazy, something bold--something like porn, eh Robbie' He tells Andy about how he came out with a splash and a Grindr hookup that turned into an impromptu gangbang. He says his ass is probably his sexiest feature, and once he strips down to jerk off, we're hard pressed to argue!

Kitchen Kink with Kyler & Robbie

Kyler Moss is a very naughty boy, and Robbie Anthony has the perfect punishment. After spanking his hot little ass and sucking the lads hard dick, Robbie plunges his solid raw inches into that sweet ass and fucks the boy right there against the counter! A delicious load of cum is the perfect desert for Kyler!

Morning Wood Toy Session

We all know what it's like waking with some morning wood. But sexy young twink Robbie Anthony enjoys more than a quick cock stroke in this solo! The lad likes to play with his hole too, and with the help of a sexy cock shaped toy he gets himself off with an ass fucking and cock pleasing session, splashing his cum over his tight and lean body!

Under Doctors Hardcore Orders!

Hunky patient Austin Ried is naked and hard in the doctors office, but it's no surprise considering the gorgeous Krys Perez is the one examining him! The horny guys are quickly swapping cocks, sucking on each other and getting so turned on. Robbie Anthony and Conner Bradley are getting off on the show as Austin slides his cock into his doctor and fucks him hard and deep, but the boys are soon joining in to make it even more intense! Everyone gets fucked in this video, with a messy bukkake ending for Austin!

Attic Bareback For Jasper Robinson

Things are getting creepy in the frat house for Jasper Robinson. He's been lured into the attic by horny dark boy Robbie Anthony, and after being subdued he wakes to find himself restrained and being spanked! The ass assault might begin with some spanking, but soon our poor victim is being bareback fucked relentlessly by the horny top and taking a hot splashing of jizz all over his face!

An Ass Stretching Solo Jerk Off

I think we all love to use some toys sometimes when we're enjoying some porn and jerking out a cum load, and Robbie Anthony isn't happy with some cock sleeves or a vibrator. This boy is all about the anal pleasure as he strokes his cock and uses all kinds of toys in his hole, getting his cock pumping out a creamy load!

Filling A Tight Twink Butt Hole

Friends Ryan Daley and Robbie Anthony are hanging out when Robbie's hands start to wander and find the thickening cock of his buddy. Mutual sucking ensues, but that's not enough for sexy dark Robbie and he's soon easing his inches into Ryan's tight little ass and filling him up with his shaft! Ryan loves to ride a hard cock though and he takes it like a man, ending with a lot of cum to share!

Anal Toy Play For Robbie!

Robbie and Ryker have stiff dicks and balls full of cum, but although they could be sucking and fucking to some hot loads Robbie wants something different! He's a total toy fan, and he loves to have his ass filled up with things. After sucking those dicks between them his hole is ready for some attention, and Ryker is fully armed with a collection of anal probes and toys to stuff in there!

Bareback Twink Fourgy Sex!

Everyone knows that Glee is gay, but no Glee group is as gay as this! Robbie, Ryker, Jax and Jasper are making their Glee club as gay as it can possibly be, sucking dick and fucking each other in the butt with their raw cocks until their balls are churning and expelling their sweet good for each other. Forget the singing and dancing, this is what Glee club should be about! lol

Bareback Boyfriends Jason & Robbie

We join boyfriends Jason and Robbie enjoying each others company on a romantic picnic for two, but we're soon joining them back at their place as things get hot and heavy! The bareback boyfriends are going at it like we're not there, sucking and fucking, with Robbie getting his hot hole filled with that big twink dick, the load fucked out of him, and a hot splashing of splooge over his twitching hole too!

Jasper Gives Us Some Hook Up Tips

Jasper is inviting young twink Robbie over for some fun, and gives us some tips on hooking up with guys in the process. He knows how to snag 'em and bag 'em, with Robbie immediately caught up in a shared cock sucking that results in Jasper getting that big dark dick in his ass and a hot ride on that boner!

Party In Style With BoyCrush

It's been an incredible ten years, and the fun is nowhere near over! We've been enjoying going back through the hardcore fun of the last decade to bring you a special video, featuring some of the most amazing stars of the site as they share some highlights of their time with us. Celebrate with our stars and rest assured we have plenty more to come!
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Robbie Anthony


Robbie Anthony


Conner Bradley & Krys Perez Orgy


Robbie Anthony Dildo


Ryan Daley & Robbie Anthony


Robbie Anthony & Ryker Madison


Jasper Robinson & Robbie Anthony


BoyCrush 10th Anniversary

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